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Include Me Too is an early childhood intervention service for children with disabilities, registered with the Government FaCHSIA and Better Start Early Intervention funding initiatives.
Our mission is to support children with additional needs as well as their families and teachers to develop skills and strategies for participation at home, pre-school, school and the wider community.
Dee Balderston is an Early Childhood teacher with specialised qualifications, knowledge and understanding of intervention strategies to support school transitions and the participation of children with additional needs in their home, pre-school and school settings.
We look at all aspects of a child’s development and focus on play as a learning tool. The aim is to take a coordinated approach with families, therapists and educators to incorporate each child’s unique learning style.
Our training and qualifications in many of the Autism Intervention Methods include:

  • Floortime
  • Hanen
  • Sensory processing strategies